Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Debt is Slavery

As an engineer, science, technology, and math, interest me. The past few years however, I have also been interested in things that are more political and social in nature.

I have been taking the red pill.

Do you want to take the red pill and journey down the rabbit hole with me?  If so keep reading.

Let's start with a fairly obvious one.  Almost everyone I know is in debt.  Let's start with the statistics:
In the USA, the average debt per man, woman, and child, is $160,000!  
Link to Grandfather economic report on debt

What is the significance of this? DEBT IS SLAVERY!!

(Aside:  The etymology of the word "mortgage" is the same as "mortuary" and "mortician".)

When I told this to a friend, he said, "I'm well below that $160,000 average".  Well, sad to say, that $160,000 includes not only personal debt, but also his share of the national debt.  A family of 4 owes $640,ooo!

Here's the national debt over the decades:

So now one may ask, why is the debt spiralling out of control?  Do deficits really matter?  Why does the government keep raising the debt ceiling?  

Here are two recent news items:

More on this in my next post.

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